Vision & Mission


Recognizing the needs for Hong Kong to re-position itself in the global arena and the importance of developing reliable data and sound knowledge in the decision-making process, the 2022 Foundation will endeavor:

  • to serve as a round table of bringing together experts and leaders from academe, business, government and other sectors from Hong Kong, Mainland China and abroad into active cooperation in the provision of objective and cogent data to decision makers of Hong Kong

  • to foster cooperation in research in order to secure a better understanding of Hong Kong so that decisions can be made based on sound knowledge and reliable data

  • to promote, stimulate and provide complementary funding for relevant studies that have significant interests

  • to gather and collate technical information and to disseminate such information to the public

Intermediate and long-term objectives

The Foundation recognizes that further and broader co-operation with the Pearl River Delta (PRD) are needed to re-invigorate Hong Kong's competitiveness. As an intermediate objective, the Foundation has sponsored several studies, seminars and workshops aimed at developing a better understanding of the region with particular emphasis on economics, education, environment, physical infrastructures and their interactions.

In the longer term, the Foundation recognizes that Hong Kong must understand its role beyond the PRD. As such, the Foundation seeks to support interactions among academe, government and private sectors in Hong Kong, Mainland China and abroad in the exploration of emerging opportunities for Hong Kong to realize its long-term potentials.